false spring

It's been gorgeous here the last few days. Up to 5 C during the day. Maybe even above 10 by the end of the week. Everything is melting everywhere and I've walked to and from work friday, monday and today. It's brilliant... and incentive to move more. Having been so slack lately it's easy to stay that way but the more I've been walking again the better I feel...and I've got that itch again. I'm hoping after a week of this waking ~5 K a day I can start into more fitness again next week. It takes about an hour to walk so I need to get up extra early if I want to do some weights...but I can do that. Tomorrow I have a weights workout planned before my walk to work. And if it freezes up again next week (which I"m sure it will) I will be up in the mornings again. I want to try hitting the gym 2 days a week for either spin class or to use the machines there...we'll see how it goes. What I really want to do is get back to running.
When I walk in the frosty air I still get that "feeling" I get when I run and I have missed it. My  SIL has gotten hooked on running and posted a few pics of her morning jog today. She's training for the local half marathon and it's got me thinking about getting back to my Couch to 5K dreams of the fall. As soon as the ice melts a bit and it's above 0 for good I plan on being out there and getting back to this again. I'm hoping I can start in April and do some base work this month.
Cuz really, snacking and sloth is a lot of fun, but in the end I don't feel like myself as much. And the point is to keep things in check and maintain. With February finally gone I am finally feeling like it maybe will be spring some day. The funk of deep freeze winter is slowly leaving. Time to get back to things. I have a whole summer with no surgery or treatment or anything other than family events and sunshine to look forward to and I can't wait to get to them :)


Yum Yucky said...

Spring & Summer will bow to your wishes and become everything you envision it will be. Get it, girlfriend.

azusmom said...

You are bada**!
Maybe it's a Canadian thing. I live in California. If it drops below 70 F I have to bundle up for my walk.