Reason #368 why I love my husband

Last library trip he took home:

The Bolshevik Revolution (J. Davenport)
Dune (Frank Herbert)
Let's Explore Diabetes Through Owls (D. Sedaris)
Let Me Off At The Top (Ron Burgundy)

Smart funny, wierd and imaginitive all in one. A keeper.

The "autobiography" of Burgundy is absolutely hilarious btw. Written as him. I haven't laughed out loud reading in a while...

I am sitting with some coffee watching the new cats play, and am going to steal one of these books for an afternoon read under my new fuzzy blanket made by J's mum. It was a low key christmas, playing Go Fish with the kids and Apples to Apples with everyone else, while sipping wine and nibbling snacks until the grand turkey dinner with crackers and chocolate fondue for dessert. Few gifts, mostly homemade, and being the christmas fiend I am I loved it. Now I have days of relaxing ahead of me.

Ah. :)


solarity said...

Coffee and cats and books--sounds perfect.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

aha. My hubs has read Dune, as well. Our hubbies are kewwwl.