Lately at work I've had to do a lot of (bleh) data entry and reformatting. SO tedious but very necessary.

Since my office is (yay) not in the lab I can have a drink at my desk as I work (although sadly not wine, but hey...). Lately I'm quite attached to alternating cups of green tea with ice water with some lemon juice and a few drops of stevia in own tart version of lemonade.

I never drink enough liquids (water is boring), so this is my attempt to get more fluids in me. On mornings like today where I actually slept all night (huzzah) and woke up to do my HIIT biking like a good girl with a healthy breakfast this too helps keep me feeling great as I trudge through this data.

But only 1 more sleep and a day and a half of work and I'm off until january, so hand me some tea. Let's get this done and get to the whiskey cream in my coffee and turkey shall we?
Tally ho.

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solarity said...

Slept all night! Yay!

Mary Anne in Kentucky, who likes water better than anything but coffee