J is starting to get his voice back finally. Poor guy - he was really sick there for a while. You don't realize how quiet you can be until you're the only one talking :)
The critters are settling in well...improvements day by day. Old guy is still doing alright as well. This week I haven't done my HIIT biking yet, but I will, starting tomorrow. This AM I had a very early cardiac MRI and was up late redoing my resume, so I was not willing to get up at stupider o'clock to bike. I will be better about it in the future tho - I need more cardio. With the winter snows here we don't get out for walks as much...walking in -20 isn't that fun, even with the right gear.

My job is being changed from temporary to permanent, so I get to apply for my own job and hopefully kick ass and get on permenantly. Seeing as my boss is a reference for me, and I have lots of good references from people I work with and for and the only one with experience at this particular job I know I have a very good chance at it, but I'll be relieved when this is all over. I'll know by the end of the month so I can relax and hopefully celebrate over the break.

I am so very much looking forward to the break. I get off between Dec 24 and Jan 5 and it's going to be so nice to have some time at home :) I've started with the christmas decor and have the small tree decorated with some lights and stockings up and so far no major cat sabotage has happened, so I'm hopeful. I have put photos in all the frames I put up on our hall wall in the fall too, and it's so nice to look at happy memories every day now...I need to find other walls for hanging more frames I think. I've finally gotten over the "no holes in the wall!" craziness from when I repainted a few years ago and had to fill over 400 nail holes in the living room. A few here and there I can live with.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week. It's chilly and wintery here now - we got about a foot of snow over the weekend and it's looking like proper winter now. The river is sublimating and freezing over and we've dug out the hats. After chemo I have a LOT of hats :)


solarity said...

Lots of hats is good.
I was about to say I don't do -20C even when it happens here. Then I remembered walking in Wheeling WV during the coldest weather they had in the 20th century. (I was visiting, not living there.) I had just bought a long down coat and there wasn't much wind and I was lovely and warm.
Good wishes for peaceful cats and good job vibes.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Whew! I can't deal with that kinda cold! This post of your actually made me shiver.