Number 2....Number 2....Number 2....

My husband has a terribly sore throat. It hurts him to swallow or talk. Normally I'd joke about the no talking thing but the poor man really is in a lot of pain. After 4 days of it he actually went to the Mediclinic about it yesterday, which means it's really bad - he hates doctors. Poor guy had to wait 3 hours for a throat swab and someone to tell him to rest and that he has laryngitis. No Sh1t Sherlock.
They think it's probably viral which means there's nothing to do for it other than rest and not talk...they said they'd call him back today with the results of the throat swab. The irony of calling someone who can't talk to give them results on why they can't talk was apparently lost on the desk clerk.
Yesterday I had my second personal training session. She added more reps to the things I was doing and added 3 more exercise movements to incorporate on my M/W/F strength training: bicep curls on the ball with 1 leg raised, chest pull backs with tricep extensions and isolated crunches. She also is having me do HIIT biking on T/Th with biking fast for 30 seconds and then regular for 2min 30 seconds over and over for 20-30 minutes. Level up :)
This weekend will likely be pretty slow and dull so I hope to make a start into getting the the christmas stuff up. I usually make myself wait until Dec. 1 but that's monday so I'm cheating and getting things going on the weekend. It should be interesting with the new cats. I think I'm sticking to our tiny apartment sized tree (3 ft) up on the bar for now and some lights and we'll see how the little beasts deal with it. They're still a bit new to the home to be punishing them hardcore and I don't want to terrify them just because I want a christmas tree. If they destroy this old one I really don't care.
I should go. Duty calls and I want a cup of tea.

Later taters.

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