back in the bike saddle

I picked up a cold in the US but have been trying to get back to being active now that it's mostly gone (just the odd annoying cough or sniffle). We ate our way through the US and it was glorious, but we are both trying to be healthier now and get back into a vague sort of routine again. So, this week I've been hopping on my exercise bike for 20 minutes in the mornings and doing my physio arm exercises like a good girl before work. I admit I haven't been doing the strengthening exercises since before Burning Man and in order for me to start doing more vigorous workouts I need to build up base strength first, so it's a start. It feels good to do a little in the mornings.
On monday I even tried to do a little lower body stuff and did 30 squats and 10 lunges back, forward and to the side along with 20 bicycle crunches. It's silly how stiff my quads and butt are still today form those...lets me know I need to get back to doing more and build myself up again slowly. It'll come. I can exercise without wiping out all my energy now, but still have to ease into things annoyingly slowly to ensure I don't develop lymphedema in my arm. After another week on the bike I hope to start back at my couch to 5K program that I got into before we left and work on that until the snow falls and keep up the physio and lower body work at home. For now, walking home from work is a nice way to end the work day and get in some relaxing time with J.
Tonight I have to make 8 gallons of crabapples into wine before they go bad. I may never want to see a crabapple again!


Yum Yucky said...

Those damn Americans, spreading germs. The whole lot of 'em is downright germy. Sheesh.

solarity said...

We try to export our colds, because we have such a surplus.

I'm limiting my exercise to mowing the grass, cutting up branches, and pulling up weeds. (And yoga. Always yoga.)

Shouldn't it be crab-cider, not crabapple wine?

Mary Anne in Kentucky