A little bit of the old Ludwig Van

Nice weekend really. After being back at work I feel like I'm losing so much of my days...it's gonna take some getting used to!
After hitting the farmer's market and lazily reading books all day we got out on a nice date. Jay and I received tickets to the symphony so we got all poshed up and went to listen to Beethoven's 5th and a few other concertos on saturday. It was so nice. Beethoven is my favourite composer...I loved it!  After that was a local artistic event (Nuit Blanch-sort of a street arts festival) so we went to check out the exhibits as well until it got too chilly and we headed home. Sunday was chores, with a walk to the library and some tasty supper. I tried out my new ebelskiever pan and am happy to report that fresh ebelskeivers full of raspberry jam are an insanely delicious supper. Add to that the fact that our slowly organizing house is slowly turning into a normal house again and I must say good job everyone.
Well done. Yes.

Now it's back to work.

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solarity said...

Beethoven. Raspberry jam. What more can one ask?

Mary Anne in Kentucky