Late last night on Canada Day we couldn't sleep so we went out for a midnight walk by the river and there were fireflies! We've noticed they like to be in a certain part of the river trail so we keep checking every year. Of course this year there are cougars sighted on the path too, but ya wins some ya lose some. I just love living in a city where we can be out at night and feel safe (well except for the cougar part...).
We seems to be moving from lots of rain to heat and today - almost too warm for me to do my day 2 of my C2K program at 10 am. I will have to get up earlier to get the runs in in this heat I think. We  have also started to walk the 3K round trip to my treatments on days when weather permits (though not on run days though...that is just too much right now). Luckily my treatment tomorrow is early so we should beat most of the heat. I like it right around 20C and tomorrow is set to be up to 30...too hot for me. J is half vampire...neither of us do well when it's super hot. I am worried I'll sunburn my head too...but just glad to get outside as much as I can.
Feeling wistful, since this weekend is a music festival we always have gone to since the year it started...and it feels very strange to not be packing up our camp gear and heading off to dance with friends.  Ah well...such is life. Only 9 radiation treatments left and then I am free to travel :)

Food question of the day- I have a tonne of watermelon and fresh mint.
What tasty beverages can I make with that?

(Photo by Robin Lee)


grapecat said...

YUM :)

glad you're out and running again - good for you!!

solarity said...

Fireflies, one of the best parts of summer. (Though I'm glad we don't seem to have cougars in the city here.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky