Mumble mumble.
I am put off a nice sunny walk to the library to wait for someone who was stopping by 2 hours ago...sigh.
Luckily I can wait on the deck....so it's not all bad!
I am sitting out here rubbing my peach head and trying to think of ways to amuse myself that are ok to be interrupted...which is harder than one might think. Hence this blog post...which I imagine isn't the most exciting post to come off my fingers, but hey, that's 10 whole minutes wasted by now.
Now what?


solarity said...

Reading is it for me. Since I can't read twenty-four hours a day, my reading is always interrupted by something, frequently sleep.

Mary Anne in Kentucky1237

Yum Yucky said...

Hey, Peach fuzz head! Wouldn't it be epic if you picture-posed with an actual peach? Just sayin'.

Geosomin said...

*bumbles off to look for a peach*