beautiful eyes

A few days ago I was out seeing a movie (Maleficent -it was amazing) and waiting in the popcorn line. In the lines around me (as usual) some of the children were looking shyly at my lack of facial hair and scarf on my head. Often I'll get asked about it by kids and, honestly, I don't mind most days. That particular day I was feeling a bit mopey and down, but did my best to look them in the face and smile and wait in line patiently and not feel too self conscious.

Then a cute little girl looked at me and walked over and said "you have beautiful eyes!" and smiled and walked back to her dad.

I was gabberflasted. I held back happy tears, smiled and said "thank you sweetie".

And grinned.

Sometimes you expect the same old same old form the world, and it takes a little nudge from it to remind you that there is goodness lurking out there...


I've got a lot of friends, and they've got beautiful eyes....


azusmom said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

(btw, did you know Peter Capaldi was in "Maleficent" as the king of the fairies, but they cut his scenes?)

Geosomin said...