Someone left the cake out in the rain...

It's (another) rainy day. It's been the summer of rain here. It's getting downright soggy.

I am baking my brudder his birthday cake for his birthday party tonight. It has to be gluten free and dairy free and I'm up to the challenge. He requested banana something so I dug out the old Joy of Cooking and am adapting their yummy banana cake recipe. It's a delicious cake and should be moist enough to convert over to gluten free (gluten free flour mix, guar gum and an adjustment of the flour and leavening amounts). I found dairy free "cream cheese" too, so I can make some "cream cheese" (ish)  icing and put some slices of banana between the 2 layers and doll it all up.
Should be tasty!

Later: it was :)


azusmom said…
If you're interested,there are 2 a great cookbooks put out by the woman who founded the Babycakes bakeries. All the recipes are vegan, GF, and mostly refined-sugar free. And YUMMY!
Geosomin said…
Cool! I'll have to go hunt them down. It's always a challenge to make tasty family friendly baking around our house...
Yum Yucky said…
Ohhh Ahhh Ooooo. CaHappy belated birthday to your brudder. Leaving 'dat cake out in the rain used to be one of my fav songs as a kid. Always loved Donna Summer.

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