I heart my foob

I had a stellar review from my surgeon today. I am healing up so well. I have hardly any redness from my rads either and I am already 56%done them, so I am well on the mend! I have the go ahead to do normal stuff now and (yay!) jog, so I may get some new trainers and do that starting next week...and gasp my way back to running and start a couch to 5k program. Of course this means I now have lots of chores to catch up on, but with my arm sleeve I should be able to ease into life (!!!) again.

I also got my foob this week....and man, i can wear anything again. I honestly didn't mind being monoboob, but some clothes just do NOT fit right with only one mammary going on down there. I can wear a bra again after months of sports bras...it's pretty sweet. My hair is well into golden retriever stage, with a good 1/2 inch of fluff, so I hope to get a haircut next month and ditch the hats, and go for a punky haircut. 

But now? Now I'm off to make some supper and head out to a few Jazz Festival shows this weekend. Delhi to Dublin and Five Alarm Funk. Music heals the soul (and a bit of dancing doesn't hurt either!)

Have a wonderful weekend my good peeps! 


solarity said...

Music heals everything. Congratulations on getting to run again. Now you need not fear zombies. Yay for healing!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Another good report. So happy to hear it. Elated, actually. xo