Do I dare disturb the universe?


Just realized that I've not been by in a few days. Sorry about that. Just not had a lot to babble on about really. I've been feeling OK with a few odd annoying side effects, but working hard to be healthy and been reading and puttering about, doing puzzles and little house jobs to keep busy in the cold snap that has finally lifted. I've been doing my exercises and getting a bit stronger stronger (with less aches the next day) and this week have done 2 times through it. A little exercise helps you deal with life and side effects better - it really does. I've felt so much better this treatment and I want to keep that up. I feel stronger and feel a bit more toned and just better overall. 3 weeks of trying to act and eat healthy has kept me at a steady weight and I lost the water weight from the steroids I was given to deal with last treatment and am a bit closer to feeling like myself in my own skin again

I've learned that there are still limits though. Tuesday I did an old beginner exercise ball DVD instead of the daily workout thing I've been doing and it was hard but I felt great after. Then I ended up having to get the month's groceries and unloading it all on my own since J was called out of town for work and altho I took my time, the next day I was very tired...think I accidentally overdid it a bit, but today I'm back to normal.

Yes. Good job everyone. :)

I met with my doc this morning and have the OK for treatment #7 tomorrow. Second last one. Meep.
It really truly is coming to an end soon.

*happy dance*

Then on to surgery and radiation. Although surgery is a bit scary (I've never had any kind of major surgery ever) it is good to know that I'm under the care of good people who are doing their best for me.

But enough of that.

I came across a recording of Anthony Hopkins reading one of my favourite poems by TS Eliot.
Have a cuppa tea by the window and look out over the snow and let the words carry you away :)

Yes, time for some tea.

Later taters. :)


azusmom said...


(And, may I say, also one of my favorite poems!)
Just FYI, My mom went through radiation a few years ago and had very few side effects. So it IS possible, and I will be "Disturbing the Universe" to ask that you have the same outcome.

Take care!

solarity said...

Disturbing the universe is good: entropy gets boring.
Yay for regaining strength!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla Birnberg said...

OH GIRL we are in the home stretch.


JavaChick said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Hang in there! :)

Yum Yucky said...

I've been checking in for an update -- glad to see things are chugging along to the positive! You said "later taters", which now makes me want large servings of tater tots.