Ah, this has been a week of minor annoying side effects...Still I am grateful they are minor. More annoying than anything else. Trying to look at the positives. I am less blotchy but have picked up itchy watery eyes and runny nose, apparently common in taxotere treatment. Ah well...trying some claritin and eye drops to see if it helps. No eyelashes makes it all pretty wierd to deal with...nothing to stop anything and not terribly sexy, but we're shooting for the prize here so I'll deal. I am finding it a bit surreal how accustomed I have become to chemo and all it's quirks. Strange...BUT Only two treatments to go before my mastectomy surgery the end of April. Still not a set date yet, so I may or may not be at comicon but what should be will be. Then, with a few zaps of radiation (and maybe a few cool resulting superpowers) I will be done. 
For reals.
Thank frog :)

We're in winters last final hurrah of a cold snap right now. With the wind on saturday it's supposed to get  to -51 (not the -64 initially predicted) so J and I have stocked up on things and plan to hibernate all weekend. I am NOT going out in that. We just finished a giant 1000 piece puzzle of a wizard over the last few weeks, so we plan to crack out a smaller one to keep us amused. That and some good movies and tea and we'll be snug little bugs all weekend.
Have a good weekend all.


Yum Yucky said...

Huh? Minus 51??????
I can't even fathom. Shall I buy you a pair of Butt Cheek Warmers off Amazon?

solarity said...

"Accustomed to chemo"--this is the science in you, always observing!

"Winter's last hurrah" I sure hope! It should be tired by now. Monday is only going down to -13C here, and I have no idea what the wind will be like, but I'm not looking forward to it. Stay snug.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

carla said...

spring has got got got to get here soon.


JavaChick said...

Suddenly our -13 with -21 wind chill is not seeming so bad...Still, I am so ready for spring.

azusmom said...

You are one bada** babe!