This post is brought to you by the letter N and the number 1/2

I have been working half days all week. Napping lots. Just don't have the ooomph to do a full day and have just tried to do what I can when I can. Even my boss is saying "go home" so I don't feel too bad about it. I am trying to stay away from all the sneezies out there and have finished my christmas shopping. I have a few things to make as gifts and just mailed off my parcels to my family out east. The apple hat turned out Ok...and luckily for me they live far away so if they think it's terrible and he never wears it I will never know :P
I am learning my new pace.
I will take tomorrow off and rest because I can and have just one most of a day of work thursday before I leave early for my prechemo checkup. I hope and pray my wbc count is up so I can have my chemo dose friday. Not that I look forward to it that much, but it would mean I will feel rather Ok for christmas with my family if it is on schedule so I am crossing fingers and toes and all appendages and will try and be kind to my body until then. I likely wont be in much to work after that...but I am starting to be OK with that.

For  now I will try to be content with making up christmas cards for my friends and coworkers to mail. Sewing a little lab coat for my niece who is a little mad scientist. Eating eggnog everything (I recommend the french toast...burp).


MIZ said...

checking in on you.
Ive struggled to sleep lately so have consumed prolific amounts of trashy novels if you need anything to read :-)
let me know.
Ive got tips.

azusmom said...

Keeping various bodily parts crossed for you.
And getting some strange looks, but totally worth it!

Take care.

Yum Yucky said...

Happy and feeling good for Christmas. This is my wish for you today.

Post a pic of that lab coat if you can. Show off your skillz!