Minus dickety two

It's hoth cold out today. I decided to brave it with ski pants and all my winter kit and come in to work. It's christmas work lunch today, which I admit tipped the scales towards me coming back today in stead of monday :) It's nice to be back...time to see what hasn't exploded or broken in my absence!
I'm almost done the hat I've been knitting so I can mail it off monday...I am working to get all my christmas shopping/mailing done before my next chemo on friday so that I don't have to worry about it. I only have a few things to mail so if I can get them ready to go on monday I should be fine. We are just making things or nibbly foods for gifts so there isn't too much to do really other than things I enjoy like sewing and baking. I have a few napkins and placemats to make as a gift, but those will take no time at all...just have to meet with my bro and SIL who will be receiving them to pick out fabric for them and then I can do that as time permits before christmas.

I love christmas.

Now that my appetite is back I am working to not EAT ALL THE THINGS. The complete lack of appetite I have after chemo is really odd (I love food). Just not hungry at all. So I just eat healthy small meals when I know I should  to keep me fueled. Now that I'm hungry again...there isn't an off switch yet it seems, so I am struggling to be the same way still. Getting used to feeling hungry again. It's very strange indeed. So my goal is to still just eat good meals when I should and not nibble away my days (so hard!). I know I should regain a pound or two from the bit of loss I have had in the last few weeks so I'm trying to just eat well and see how it goes. I am excited top to hop on the bike on monday (the official "ok" time after my port insertion) and get some endorphins in me too, which should help with my overall energy. Yes. All in good time... Balance is the word of the week it seems. For now, I'll just start with some work on getting through a day without a nap :)

Anyhoo...should go see to this work business I suppose :)


azusmom said...

A Christmas party is the perfect time to go back to work! :)

Yum Yucky said...

A woman who shows up on day of the Christmas party is a sign of high intelligence. Always knew that about you.

Emily Walsh said...

Hi there! I was reading up on few of your posts and had quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!