getting wistful

Good morning.
This morning I was up and in for a workout. Class was full (*sigh*) so I made my own workout and it was good.
3 rounds through of 11 each of:
-dragon curtsey squats (each side)
-pick up and shoulder and put down 20Lb, then half burpee hop out (alternating shoulders)
-deadlift + bent row (35 Lb)
-box step up + knee raise (each side)
-T arm front raise + side raise (8 Lb)
-back extensions
Then I finished it off with 20 kettlebell swings (20Lb) and hopped on the elliptical for 28 minutes on an interval program.
Now it is another long day of work. The no caffeine is getting easier. I'm less tired, but I am still a bit moody. The tiredness only hits after lunch now so it's getting easier. I think morning workouts help that a lot.
Truth is, I am getting wistful. As much as I am looking forward to a holiday and spending next week with my Dad and sister at the lake I am increasingly sad that my J can't be there for it. He has to work the whole time...and I miss him already. We haven't gotten much time off together lately. It's been a hectic last few days and I feel like time is running out. I have to work to finish a paper before I go and I'd rather not "waste" time on work when I can spend it with J. I will try and find a balance... :)

Have a great day.

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azusmom said...

That's REALLY hard, I'm so sorry! Hopefully things will ease up soon & you'll have some quality time together.