I have to admit it's getting better

You know, it's getting better :)
Yesterday I wasn't fatigued...I've spent the past few days in a fog and it's like the fog is lifting. I don't "need" a boost anymore. Yesterday my only coffee was at the end of the work day - half a cup. It was tasty and I enjoyed it for it's dark deliciousness and got on with my day. Today? I feel really good. Clear headed. Dare I believe that I may be near the end of this withdrawal? If so, hot damn and hallelujah. Never again.

After a nice visit with my Dad last night after picking him up at the airport it was an early night for me. This morning there was no headache to be seen and I was up and in for my workout - sculpt class with Petra. Once again I am amazed at how someone so tiny can be so dang strong! Solid workout. And we have an extra fan in there now. Yay! Petra has a totally different approach from Mel but same overall intensity and in the end I know I've done my bit for me for the day.
And now.....SCIENCE!

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Enjoy your Wednesday! xo