this is the way we brew the hootch...

After starting up some strawberry beer last night (cuz there just isn't enough hootch brewing around here) I spent last night talking an old friend through some stuff and in the end was up very late again. J worked all evening and will work this evening tonight I will get to canning my peaches, and maybe my beans. Saturday I will try some jalapenos and jam. I'm trying to just try out a few things I know I'd like so I figure dilly beans, pickled garlic and jalapenos is a good start along with some peach jam and maybe even peach raspberry jam. I may peter out before the last jam...or I may even try apple butter...we shall see. I have all the stuff I need for canning now so since J has to work tonight I will transform myself from brewmaster into canmaster and get to it.
This week has been a bit of a write-off for workouts. It's finally good and hot here and the heat makes me feel headachey and ill so by the time I get in and cool off and feel normal I'm usually onto something else. Even the bus ride in to work this morning has me feeling meh. I know some people love the heat but I'm happy when it stays around 24 C.
In the end though it comes down to this: My life and workout schedule is way out of whack and I need to get back to it. I know consistancy is the key, so there's no excuses.
Hope you are having a nice week. I am :)

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