Can can can you do the can can

So yeah -I am digging the canning. It was hades hot outside all weekend so I hid inside with the AC and Geeked Out reading Sandman comics and watching old Doctor Who with J...and also made stuff all weekend with fresh fruit and produce from the farmers market. Yep, I now have 5 jars of canned peaches in light syrup, peach vanilla bourbon jam (seriously the best thing ever ever ever), peach raspberry gewurztraminer jam (also scrummy) and rhubarb raspberry ginger jam (yup). I found low sugar pectin so I could cut the sugar a bit to my tastes. Mmmm. I also made a few jars each of pickled garlic, pickled jalapenos and spicy dilly beans. Then I was suckered in by saturday morning's farmers market fresh veg and ended up picking up enough to make 7 jars of spicy salsa on sunday too. I have to wait for the pickles but I've tried everything else as I canned it and oh...yeah...I'm totally doing this every fall from now on. Making delicious things I can't get elsewhere and knowing it came from local farmers is amazing.   My table is covered with jars of things. Me hee.
After lab work and doing large scale restaurant work in uni I found it to be not too hard to do at all. The salsa was an exercise in chopping, but so tasty and worth it :).
This morning I was up as I promised myself and in for my workout. It was yelly Mel for spin and sculpt and she made us work hard. I feel great. I can tell it's been too long away as I had to go down in weights from what I usually do, but I tried my best. A great way to start the week.
Hope you all had a nice weekend! I'm off to a great start with the new week...


azusmom said...

Hang on...vanilla bourbon jam?!?!?!?!

LOVE "Sandman"! And, of course, you know my love for the "Who." :)
Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

Geosomin said...

OH yeah... it's insanely good