I am the sleeping king I can do anything

This morning I was a sleeper inner...but for good reason I think. I have learned that good friends of ours and their kids will be coming by to stay the night and I spent the evening cleaning the house, washing sheets... and starting the blueberry wine I've been trying to start up for days. Wine will be ready to pitch the yeast tonight and the house looks pretty spiffy. I must say though... crushing 10Lb of blueberries with your hands is a workout in and of itself :). It all meant I was up late late late and then just as I fell asleep at midnight J got home from shooting Fringe festival stuff and so I woke up again and we visited for an hour or so. So yeah- getting up at 5:30 hurt too much. I had the start of a headache, which didn't bode well so I went back to bed for an hour and feel much better for it. Healthy breakfast and I'm out the door for a good day.

Must dash though. One of our new mass spec lab toys we've been eagerly awaiting (which I think is worth more than my house) is being delivered and set up today and I am excited like a little kid to play with the new toys :). Must go science up the world a bit.
Later taters!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Love that you get all giddy at the prospect of new lab equipment! Yay for the geek girls! And the sleeper-inners. :)