W is for wimpy. C is for cherries.

Well, I tried to workout this morning...the thing about staying out to all hours all weekend is it mucks up your sleep. I did do a full set of 10 of pushups, tricep pushups, deadlifts, bent rows, shoulder press, bicep curls, butt lifts and bicycle crunches and crunches....and then held my purring cat and cleaned my kitchen and made some oatmeal with cherries. Not my proudest moment. I will try and do an hiit tonight to make up for it. For now... what I really need is some coffee. Stat.
I confess I am currently addicted to cherries. It's starting to be fruit season here and the trucks form the BC orchards are making their way out here and yum...cherries. Soon peaches too :) We (OK mostly I) ate a 5 Lb bag of cherries over the weekend and I grabbed some more on the way home yesterday. Mmmm. Can you get a weird disease from eating too many cherries? Let's find out, shall we?


azusmom said...

Hee! Experimenting on yourself, in the best way possible! Definitely a scientist. :)
I must say that one of the things I love about California is the year-round availability of fresh produce. Coming from the northeast, it's an embarrassment of riches.

And, really, is there any other way to clean a kitchen than while holding a happy kitty? That's why our kitchen is always such a mess...

MIZ said...

the holding of the purring cat sounds divine here too right now ;)