Alive and kicking

Well...feeling much more human again. PMSing enough to eat my weight in cheese, but trying to keep it together. Finally felt well enough to feel like working out yesterday but had such a crazy day I couldn't fit it in until after 9 PM last night, but I did fit it in. :) First workout in weeks...boy I did feel good after. I just did the most recent DailyHiit (3 rounds, 50sec on/10sec rest): Clean and press with 20 Lb (2 X 10Lb dumbells...wish I had heavier), cross country abs, lay down to stand up and jump up (with 10 Lb), alternating forward lunge with side twist (10 Lb). Really felt good to sweat and I feel OK today so I think I have the all clear for more again tonight.

Hope you've all been having a great time lately. I have been, despite my sniffles, which is why I haven't been by so much. Life tends to take over in the summers and there is so much to see and do - don't want to miss a minute of this elusive summer sun :). This weekend I'm off to my very first folk festival - looking forward to a mellow weekend in the sun. J is already there working at a stage so I get to roll in friday PM with all the camping gear set up (hooray!) and just wander into the music and see some friends and relax for the weekend. Crossing my fingers for good weather...

Have a great day!


Yum Yucky said…
Ahhhh. Glad you're feeling better. Have fun this weekend!
azusmom said…
Glad you're up & at'em again!

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