Just in case you'd forgotten where your booty is located...

My booty has awoken today to say a loud HELLO! So! Stiff! And guess what we did a bunch of in sculpt class today? Oh yes - more butt and leg work. Bwaha! It was a nice overall workout today and I feel fabulous.

Last night I helped my J prep for his weekend away doing lights at an outdoor festival, getting camping gear and food together. Even got suckered in to making him a batch of cookies to share with our friends while there. And did I give in and cheat and eat all the batter? Hells no I didn't!
In my quest to find a healthy low sugar granola bar snacky sort of cookie though for me I did make a batch of the healthy cookies though, from the recipe on the Daily Hiit site. I added an egg and some dried cranberries and used porridge oats (they have a bit of flax and bran in with the oats) and it made 2 dozen small granola cookie thingys. They're quite tasty, and gf/df and not super sweet like a lot of recipes I've tried. More spongy than crispy. I like them a lot and will try them again with some other nuts so J can have some too (he's not a fan of dried cranberries). My coworkers have agreed to be my guinea pigs for my granola cookie snack attempts and I'll get their feedback on these and tweak them some more. Heh heh. Kitchen science.

But for now...must dash. Busy day afoot...
Have a good one :)

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