death and taxes

ha HA! Morning taters :)
Tuesday morning is spin class, and it was a good one today. Jocelyn (of the smily kind and deceptively nice sort who whoops your ass) was instructing and I did some pushups and ab/core/back things after and feel rather fabulous. Sweaty and full of happy endorphins.
Spent last night doing our taxes (oh woo) since today is the deadline to get them sent off...what a lot of time spent just to send in the numbers. We never get much back, but we don't owe either so we just poured ourselves a drink and I wrote and J checked my numbers and we muddled through. I've been thinking a lot lately (after reading a chapter in a particularly well written favourite old book of mine) that taxes and tithes play an important role in society and I will happily pay mine. I've been lucky enough to find a job in the field I trained for and (most days) I love what I do...and I even get paid for it. They can take some taxes and (I hope) make things better for everyone. It's a community that build a happy and healthy society with normal caring people and I never want to lose sight of that fact.

Ah...I'm babbling. Sadly, I have to run off...have my yearly physical today with my new GP and I have a few things to get to before I leave for that. Hope I'll be told all is well again. I checked out my holiday damage on the scale this AM and I have 5 Lbs to send away back to holiday munchland, but that can be done. No biggie...I've come to realize that the trick to maintenance is reigning myself in every once in a while and staying the course in the long run. I ate how I used to eat for 3 weeks with no exercise. And it was not something I care to go back to (atho a short visit to cidertown was lovely!). Even after just getting back to a few healthy days with exercise and I already feel better...incentive to keep at it :) This is the rest of my life here...and there is so much to DO! I want to be able to do it all. :)
And so, I must dash. Have a great day!
Later taters!


Yum Yucky said...

Holiday Munchland. I am suddenly fascinated with that place. Please send me there.

Richard said...

Tax time is always fun! Finishing them feels as good as finishing a spin class or a work out.

MizBePo said...

ahhh my tax bill nearly killed me this year.