Today is so much nicer in every way, already!
And, OK, I will admit, yesterday worked out not too badly as well, weather excluded. Yes I was in at work until 8 last night, but I was able to help 3 people get their critical diagnoses on time and get a good hour of poster work done too when I got home. In a thoughtful blur yesterday morning I packed my workout gear in my bag just in case and it meant that (yay!) I was able to run over after work to the campus gym and do ZWOW 60 4 times through and 25 minutes on the elliptical before coming back to grab a sandwich, jello (oh, how I love jello!) and coffee before I got to the stat cases I was staying to help with and head home on the bus to my kittehs and tea and poster work until I kept falling asleep and went to bed about 1030. J worked late into the night so I didn't see him come in, but I know that meant he made it home safe and sound. It's amazing how exercise just reboots my brain, even when I'm tired. It made the rest of the evening go well...could have done with a bit more sleep, but I can't complain too much. It went as well as it could have gone, and there was jello, so really, in the end it was all good :)

Thankfully the wind has died down and today, while still cold, is a much better day. I came, pulled some slides for today's work and then ran to the gym to do an older bodyrock hiit workout.  4 rounds through (50sec work/10 sec rest) of these 4 exercises:
-10 high knees +2 tuck jumps
-pushup + clean and press (30 Lb) + bent row (30 Lb)
-plank jack + plank knee in to opposite elbow both sides + pushup +plank jack + hop in and out + pushup
-woodchops, 4 each side, alternating (10 Lb)
Than I got in 25 minutes on the hill program on the elliptical and called it done. With a yummy breakfast of greek yogurt, banana and granola and a giant coffee and I'm here for another day of solid work and general shenanigans.

Today will be another busy day, but with any luck I'll get to spend a few hours with J tonight if he gets done early. We can watch his show tonight. I'd like to go see the new Oz movie this weekend, but we'll see how things go. He's been so busy lately and next week is another long one for him so I think I'll leave it up to him as to what he wants to do, since I know he has to work all weekend. I'm gonna try and cheat and do some poster work here at work so I can have my supervisor look it over and let me have it back on saturday night to finish it off on sunday. I know it will get done. I got some solid work done on it last night and I just need a few more good hours to really polish it and make it flow better and then she can pick it apart  for me to revise and submit. :)
Then I can relax and actually plan the trip...hard to believe it's only 3 weeks until we go.

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azusmom said...

It must be pretty amazing to know that you're affecting peoples' lives in a real and positive (and immediate)way! You're a Sciency Wiency Superhero!
And I realize you're working your patootie off, but I'm still jealous that you're going to London. :)