I think my spring is broken

No workout today.
After a lazy non-productive evening (I was a lazy procrastinator...not good. I have a deadline quickly approaching) I finally fell asleep listening to the gale force blizzarding winds at about 11...only to be woken up about 45 minutes later by my husband who (sigh) had gotten stuck in the alley up on a drift behind our house trying to get the car parked after a long night of work. I called CAA and since the membership is one I share with my Dad, I had to be the one waiting with the card for the tow truck caller.
The weather was yesterday was so awful that they couldn't give me an estimate of how long it would be...but thankfully I only had to wait an hour (and could wait on my couch under an afghan) for a guy with a truck to come and winch the car out and then get the car tucked away on the street in front of the house where it (hopefully) won't get stuck and finally get to bed about 2 AM. Yesterday was cold with 75 kph winds and blowing snow. Today is more of the same. Winter's last hurrah on a grand scale. It's annoying awful weather and I'm so done with it. This is nasty January weather and the crappiest spring I can recall...so unamused. It's a balmy -25 at the moment with 65 kph winds...
So yeah...I slept in the extra hour I could get today instead of getting up at 525 and just came in to work. I may or may not do a hiit workout today when I get home. We shall see how it goes. My goal today is just to make it home and stay there and work on my poster. I should have mostly gotten it finished last night but after farewell supper with Nanami and my brother I just had no motivation and ended up going to bed with little accomplished. So, I have to finish up my poster so my supervisor can proof it on the weekend, since it's due monday morning.
All I want to do is curl up under the duvet and have a nap!
Courage :)

Later: I just learned I have to stay late at work tonight (well technically I could go home and then come back but with this weather that is so not happening...) to immediately process some transplant biopsy samples that are arriving "sometime this evening". It's my own doing since I offered to cover the person who usually does it while they are away for their son's sport's trip thinking they'd likely not call me in. Meh... At least I can buy a good supper at the work cafeteria and maybe not avoid my poster if I am stuck at my desk waiting and get it done before heading home. Yeah sure...



azusmom said...

Yergh! Not fun. At all.
Here's hoping Spring finds its way to you soon, and all your work gets done. (Preferably by magical sprites, but they can be SO unreliable!)

Carla Birnberg said...