This morning was spin class. Our old awesome bootcamp instructor was back for a sub for the guest class...missed her. Fun but evil...she had us do all these things with crouching and hamstrings on the bike that...well, that made my bum sore. Solid sweaty workout. She even did 5 minutes of abs at the end as a bonus. She will be working at a new fitness place downtown that will have bootcamps. I miss her bootcamps. I may have to sign up for them...I love bootcamps and functional fitness classes...there aren't enough of them in town...

And then at coffee someone at work gave us each a yummy hand made belgian filled chocolate....the kind that make you swoon. So very good. I refuse to turn down that. I can ignore cookies and other things but a high end belgian coffee buttercream filled dark chocolate? Divine...

Last night I made up some multigrain nut muffins in my head with Red River cereal and they turned out great. I will have to make them again. Healthy and tasty...yum.


MIz said…
healthy tasty and where be the recipe?? :0)

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