spider pushups are hard!

This morning I came in for class but the instructor was a no show (lame) so altho I had no music or interval timer, I made the best of it and tried to make up an overall workout on the fly with the weights in the classroom.

I ended up doing 3 rounds of:
-10 "dragon" curtsy lunges with 10Lb (both sides)
-20 deep squats
-10 bicep curls (18Lb bar)
-20 one legged deadlifts  2 X 10 Lb dumbells (both legs)
-10 squats + side leg raise (both sides)
-20 clean and presses (18Lb bar)
-20 bent rows (18Lb bar)
-15 bird dogs (each side)
-15 back leg raises (from hands and knees)
-5 ab/pushup combo: 2 full pushups + 2 planked knee to opposite elbow (both sides) + 2 spider pushups (1 each side) + 2 planked sides knee to elbow (both sides)

Than I hopped on the performance program of the elliptical for 25 minutes and called it a day. Just wanted to log before I got busy...Gotta run. It's gonna be one of those days...
Later taters.


Miz said...

They are SO HARD...but I, too, spidered this week.
GO US :)

Geosomin said...

I feel all ninja superhero when I do them!