Lightbulb moment

I was reminded again this morning of the power of 3 little words: do it now.

They can transform your life. Even for chores you hate and little things to be done...what to do with your stuff when you're finished. Just take 2 seconds and put them away. You'' be glad to not do a lot at once later and you'll actually know where things are then too!

Even with a morning workout. A tough one. DO you whine? do it half assed? Think you'll "do better tomorrow"? I used to...but I've come to realise that a lot of life is living in the present. It *IS* life. And all of it, even the parts that make me uncomfortable, need to be done, not ignored or shrugged off in a half assed way. When I get up at 530 to workout I am not going to cheat myself. If I was going to do that I might as well have stayed in bed and gotten a bit of sleep instead...

This AM was spin and sculpt. I focused on maintaining strong movement. Keeping good form. Dropping down a set of weights if I had to but not quitting and not doing a half assed job. It was hard for some, as I'm still stiff from wednesday, but it was a good class. And now it should be a good rest of the day. J and I both have a free night and so we may (joy) get to spend it together. Doing what? Who knows...we may end up just falling asleep early, but at least we can have a night off together.


azusmom said...

And just what I needed to hear (er, read) this morning.
Because, after all, it's all about ME! :)
Have a WONDERFUL evening!

Miz said...

Im giving myself those three words...NOW.