This morning my alarm didn't go off. Now I am unsure if I may have turned it off in my sleep (which would be troubling to say the least) but regardless, I woke up 2 minutes before I usually catch the bus. So I was a bit late today. Still though, got up and ready as usual, just caught the next bus 30 minutes later. I figure consistency is the key, and even tho I didn't make spin class, I did still get in with plenty of time for a 35 minute elliptical workout on the performance hill setting, going full out to some high BPM dance music. I still had a decent workout so I'm pleased enough. I am rather stiff in my shoulders and leggy bummy bits form yesterday's pyramid workout (well more of a one sided pyramid really...just sounds cooler than a "hill compound" workout) so it's a good level of workout for the day I think.

I tried something new with my protein shake. I figured if instant coffee was good, why not try some matcha powder. And...well...I dunno. It wasn't bad...but I didn't love it either. As J would say "I'm forgainst it"...think I'll try it once more to try and decide. Seems a shame to waste matcha powder on this if it's not anything to get excited about.

Last night I just relaxed. My friend who had heart surgery has had trouble with his heart beating irregularly so he's been flown back in here from where they live up north for a few days. He and his wife (one of my oldest and dearest friends) are exhausted, so I haven't gone to visit yet now that things are more settled. Sometimes you need just time together as a family, and I don't want to intrude. I remember when mum was in the hospital sometimes I just wanted the well intentioned friends to go away so I could be with my family...I've just asked them to let me know when they want a visitor and I'll wait patiently. It's been a tense few days for them trying to get him stable. Thankfully after a few electric shocks (eep) they got his heart beating normally again (down to ~90 bpm from over 200!), but he'll be in for observation and rest for a few days before they let him go home again. Scary. Makes me hug my J more lately and be grateful for my health. While on the elliptical today I tried to get my heart rate up as fast as I could and it still, according to the machine, never got above 168...I can't imagine over 200...especially after just having a heart valve replaced...yes. I am grateful in so many ways for my health...

I'm feeling pretty zen at the moment. J had to work all night so I did a few chores but mostly I just lined up all the different fabrics i had for ideas to make bellydance stuff. No inspiration came so I listened to music and watched cooking shows and futzed around until bed time. Right before bed I got my poster reviews back form my old MSc supervisor....She (*shock and amazed*) liked them. Minimal edits.

*smug mode*

Time for another day. I am grateful.


azusmom said...

I'll keep sending good thoughts for your friends. It's scary, but it sounds like he's in good hands!

It's always nice to have a calm, quiet evening now and then. I vaguely remember those, lol!

Yum Yucky said...

Matcha powder! I had been thinking of concocting a green tea smoothie. Kinda scared of it. Might be pure nastiness but maybe it'll grow on me? Your friends are in my prayers tonight. Definitely will be. xo