Do what you can

Ah. Friday. Finally.
Yesterday was busy...full day of work. Four of us brought baking so it was cookie cupcake heaven. I've got to reign myself in a bit I think! After work I got to pop in to see my friend again in the hospital. It's remarkable the progress heart surgery patients make day by day. On tuesday he was pale and barely talking, mostly napping. Yesterday he was out of bed sitting, talking and smiling and sounding like his old self. He's still very weak and can't do much, but he is so much more "Jim" again. It's wonderful to see. He and Tab are excited to get him healed up enough that he can go home on the weekend (if he's strong enough to be able to walk the loop of the hospital floor he can go home). He's been in the hospital 2 weeks now with before and after treatments and is quite bored, as the wireless and internet are not very good in the hospital and his attention span is pretty small with the pain and the medications. I brought up some National Geographics for him to pass the time, but there really is no place like home. I'll probably get to see them once more before they head back up to Air Ronge Saturday, if all goes well. I am so happy he's doing so well. We actually had a visit yesterday. :)

Last night I made supper, died my hair (my grey bits were really peeking through) and worked on my poster for a few hours before falling asleep at the computer. This weekend will be work work work, but I am planning to get in a bit of fun here and there. There is a 815 AM spin class tomorrow so I may get up to workout tomorrow (still sleeping in 2 hours - ah!)  before I run by the fabric store to meet friends to get fabric for bellydance costumes for a bit and *then* run to get my hair cut (It's pretty shaggy)... yep, all before noon. Then it's home to brunch with J and some work with him at the studio and at home on my papers and posters. Busy but good I think. I'm hoping to get away to meet my friend Heather for a bit if I can, but we'll see. There will be waffles involved somehow this weekend so it's all good! Monday is a work holiday ("family day") so I have all day to work on MY work, so I think it will be OK. I just have to focus. I think I can do it. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off...

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