Clocks are not working today

Yesterday I attempted to have a kick-ass day that got derailed by the end...but I tried! Got up early for spin class, then to the farmer's market, fabric store and for a haircut before coming home to lunch with J. Felt great.. After a nap though what was supposed to be a quick few hours of work helping him build a set took much much longer... until 830 we didn't eat supper until 930. Because we were so tired and hungry it was a giant plate of cheese tortellinis...not  the healthiest but at that point I didn't care what I ate. I was starving and tired. Then I tried to work on MY work which I wanted to do, but didn't do much before I fell asleep at my desk and gave up for the day.
Today was more of the same. Got up early and went in to help J again...but due to ridiculous life events and such, instead of getting home at 11 AM to work all day on my stuff again, like yesterday, there were delays. I just got home 2 PM. And so I am almost 2 days behind on my deadline of crazy work.

His set looks awesome though.

I am inhaling some steamed vietnamese pork buns from the market and getting down to work to try and get some work done...

I have until 7 to get some serious sh*t done. Then I have to go back and help him again.
Oh lordy. I hate weekends like this.
Here we go...


azusmom said...

Sometimes life just has a way of interfering with out plans.
But you'll catch up, don't worry!

Yum Yucky said...

cheese tortellinis!! dear gawd, it's been too long.