Whew! busy day. Finally have a minute to post as I am snarfing down a peach pecan muffin I made last night (yum) and chugging a coffee before getting back to an experiment...that way I won't kill anyone with my grumpiness because I get a late lunch today! Yup, today is flying by.

This AM I was up and in for spin and sculpt class. It was really tough this morning for some reason. It took a while for me to cool down form the spin part, so a few of the shoulder exercises I did were a bit half assed, since I had to stop intermittently and walk around form lightheadedness. Once I cooled down a bit more I was OK and had a nice workout. I feel great and ready for a loooooong day. This weekend J has lots of work to do, so I will do the same, working here on stuff for a few hours but mostly on my cursed paper which is finally coming vaguely together...it takes a while to really look at how you can present everything logically, and now that I've spewed everything I have on the page I can start to edit and shape into a coherent document. I have a week to get it to final draft, so I need to get to it.

It's a balmy -21 today. Woo!

Gotta go!!!

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Yum Yucky said...

Hope you makes lot so progress on your cursed paper. Grrrr. May it beee's cursed no more.