Pick me doc

Done my christmas baking. Vanillekifpl, chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies, gingerbread lemon sammich cookies and (a new one this year) - jammy dodgers. Raspberry ones if ya must know.
I figure if the Doctor likes them so much I needed to find a real british recipe and give them a try. 
Turns out they're pretty dang tasty. I'm sure the TARDIS has a kitchen in it somewhere...I could whip these up no prob.
Yeah, just putting it out there.
Cuz, y'know...pastry chef through time and space is a perfectly acceptable living for me instead of scientist :)

Now I need to go make some mint tea to calm my stomach after eating my weight in cookie dough...


azusmom said...

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable career goal to me! Especially after he managed to hold the Dalek fleet off. At least for a little while.
All those cookies look yummy!

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