Hooray! Friday!

So glad it's friday :)
This morning was spin and sculpt class. I love it when it's exam time - there's always room in the classes in the morning and the friday class is always sweaty and tough. And it was tough. I had sweaty cleavage (TMI??)...a sign that I'm working my ass off. And now lime pie yogurt and granola for breakfast. I could kiss whoever at iogo thought up lime pie yogurt...it's heavenly.

I'm sending good vibes to my friend Karen today. I am so proud of her - with the help of lapband surgery and totally changing her eating and exercise habits she's lost 110 Lbs in the last few years, and this weekend she is rewarding herself by having some surgery done to remove extra skin that hangs on her legs, butt and cleavagey areas. Depending on her mood she might get bumped up to a B-cup too (she's currently AA soaking wet, after being a DDD and she misses her girls!) She's having a tummy tuck later since there a lot of skin, and for now this is the first step. She's off work until January and has her boyfriend to keep an eye on her. I'm so glad for her. Having the extra skin really bothered her after all her hard work, and she is so excited. It's like a final closing of the door on her old unhealthy life. I'm excited for her and I hope it all goes well. I've always thought that if you need to do that to feel better, by all means go for it. I know it annoys me sometimes that my butt will never be pristine after my weight loss, but it's not enough to really make me feel bad since I didn't have as much to lose. It's not enough to let someone do surgery on me tho. I'm a wuss :).

Last night I took the time for a healthy awesome supper - oven roasted maple balsamic brussel sprouts with baked almond chicken. One of our favourites, but it takes about an hour and some days I'm just not in the mood. Soooo worth it though. Healthy and absolutely delicious. We've picked up the most recent Doctor Who episodes so after a bit of boring house stuff we settled in for some popcorn and Doctor Who. Nice. :)
Tonight is christmas movie night with friends and a relaxing weekend of christmas baking and a little work on my thesis papers (I've been tactfully ignoring them...he heh). Christmas shopping and all those sorts of things that usually make me crazy this time of year are done, and I gotta say - I'm doing this next year too if I can. What a total relaxing way to enjoy christmas. Maybe it's just the lack of school crazies, but I haven't felt this relaxed in years.

Ho ho ho, my lovelies :)

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