My message this holiday season

Hi everyone :)
Just popping in after my last spin and sculpt class of the year to say hi and, more importantly,  take a second to ask each and every one of you to be careful this holiday season. Please please PLEASE drive carefully in the ice and snow and PLEASE, if you enjoy the holiday cheer, DON'T drive.

This is my friend Nick. This is my friend Nick standing beside the car that he was in when he was almost killed by a drunk driver a few months ago driving home from a football game.
Nick's a kindhearted guy with a beautiful wife and the most adorable 2 year old daughter. We almost lost him because some idiot thought he was OK to drive and that it would be OK "just this one time". That the roads were "OK". The driver was not. He is only now healed up enough to be back to normal life, and has scars that will never go away. He's been spreading this picture to remind people to not drink and drive.
Please - be safe this holiday season.  :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

THANK YOU for this reminder!!

I think all cars should have breathalyzers wired in so they can't be started by those who are intoxicated, but I don't forsee us ever taking the problem seriously enough to require that.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and may we all be able to avoid the drunk and careless on the roads this holiday season!

J Graham said...

Quick question, if you get this in time: Could I share this picture and a link to the post as a New Year's eve reminder? Totally understand though if Nick would rather not have it shared on a non-friends blog. But what a great visual reminder to be careful and not drink and drive! I'll check back here or you can email me at crabby mcslacker at gmail dot com.


Geosomin said...

Of course! I got to this late...sorry. Please do post if you wish. He would be fine with that!