Shop till you drop

I came. I saw. I shopped.
Oh lordy - my mother in law is a shopping machine :)
We hit the weather just right on our trip this weekend. The 7 hour drive was just ahead of the monster storm and once we arrived in minot the freezing rain and foot of snow started to fall and blow. But, we were there so it was all good. We drove the in-laws new Ford Flex on the trip and wow... it is FANTASTIC, both to drive and as a winter car. It drove through ice and snow like nothing was even there. We could make it around town to where we wanted to go and then the blizzard conveniently blew itself out the night before we headed home so the roads had been plowed and we had a nice sunny day home with decent roads again. Got in a nice soak in the hotel hot tub too :)
I have all my christmas shopping done (woot!) and I and my sister in law managed to stay on the side of duty free (phew!). My mother in law not so much... they shopped hard core...we went and checked out all the places and stores in town, especially those we don't have up here where I live (helloooo Target, Kmart and Hot Topic!!). There was no christmas music yet in the mall (thank goodness) which was nice. I also got a few christmas foodie treats & junk you can't get here (gingerbread oreos, peanut butter cheerios, almond joy coffee creamer and Alpine white chocolate peppermints (drool...)). I have a few new outfits for work and some kick ass shoes, and I got to spend hours at what has to be the coolest store ever - Hobby Lobby. Seriously...crafty heaven. Got some stuff for me for making bellydance costumes, as well as gifts and other awesome stuff for future creative schemes...even some robots for my christmas tree. Meep.

Hee hee. Seriously - how cute are these guys? I am on a robot kick at the moment...or as J calls them (in a 1950s newcaster sort of voice)- rowbits. :)

I am glad to be and sound with J. Things are ramping up at work and it will be nice to not have to worry about the holiday madness. I am not really a shopper so I have had my fill for a long while now...It's back to regular life. So glad.

Altho saturday was hard core all day shopping (seriously - 9AM until 9 PM...these women are crazy) I managed to get a run in sunday morning on the treadmill (the malls didn't open until noon so I could convince my mum-in-law that we wouldn't miss anything!). This morning I came in to work out. Did upper body exercises and some abs and then hopped on the elliptical. I feel grrrrrreat!!

Slowly getting in the christmas spirit :)


azusmom said...

Those robots are GREAT!!!!!!
I'm not a shopper, either. When I was 8 months pregnant with my first I went to some outlet stores with my sisters-in-law. BIIIIG mistake! We were there for so long that I actually had to buy a pair of supportive footwear in order to keep walking (I'd stupidly worn flip-flops). I sat and rested frequently, but the place was so big I was worried we'd get separated & my cell phone was dead.
It was like the Bataan death shop.
Glad you had a good time & got home safely!

Geosomin said...

It *was* somewhat reminiscent of the Bataan death shop towards the end...:P

Yum Yucky said...

I'm looking forward to upping the Christmasification round here, too. We're digging out all the Christmas DVDs to be sure we watch every single one. I haz no robots for my tree. Perhaps I should go bot-shopping.