And for my next magical trick

Last night J and I got some more wood and paint so I can build him some speaker shelves for his studio over the next week or so. They may not be too pretty, once they're painted up they should work well for what he needs. I'm flattered that he figures I can build shelves for his studio monitor speakers. Rawr.

This AM I came in to workout and did lower body stuff. I only did about 15 minutes of half assed cardio after my lower body work, since I recieved a text from my mominlaw this morning while working out that she'd somehow miscalculated on the trip and I still owe her some more $$ for the trip for the hotel...grr. I had just spent most of what I thought was "leftover" savings on paint and wood so she will just have to wait a bit until I get paid for the rest of it. I cannot just pull $100 out of my ass. (altho it would be a handy trick wouldn't it?) the time I'd replied I was just cranky so I tried to ramp up my brisk walking to a sweaty run to shake my cranky pants but after a few minutes I just was done. I had a long shower and came in to work a bit early. Still a bit cranky about it, but such is life.

This evening I'll be priming my dresser, planning these speaker shelves I'm building and practicing pulling money out of my ass. I'll let you know how it all goes down.

Later taters.

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Yum Yucky said...

If I could pull mass quantities of $100's outta my ass, I'd send you a few (sanitized bills) then spend the rest in Bora Bora.