grumpy mcgrumpface

Last night I was grumpy mcgrupface for some reason. By the time I got home from work, went to bellydance and finally made supper it was close to 8. Then we went out to get some more bins and things to help with Operation Organize Our Sh*t and I was cranky company after spending much time looking for things that I could not find all of. Unfortunately J had to put up with me...good guy to do so. Usually I'm the cheery one, so I don't like it when I'm like that. I'm sure he wasn't thrilled either.

J is in the midst of reorganizing his basement studio and the house is a gong show, but it's coming back together spectacularly. Still so much work to do, but eventually we may have our lives organized again...some day. So much done already...but so much left to do...
Just keep swimming...

Today I wanted to reboot and shake the cranky, so I came in and was happy to see that my favourite old boot camp instructor was subbing for the usual yelley spin instructor, so I squeezed into the spin class. It was great. Lots of energy, and hard sweaty exercise and a bit of core at the end for those of use who wanted to stay. She has a way of pushing you but making you happy about it...and I feel great.

I feel tired still, but I will do my best to be crank free today and get things done.
Have a great day everyone...


MIzFit said…
I long to be crabby mcornery pants...I shall fight it :-)

Yum Yucky said…
you needs a de-crank-erizer. It really works. try it.

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