Turkey countdown

Last night I got caught up on lots of boring chores, made matar paneer for supper (one of my all time  favourite foods) and gathered things for the upcoming weekend. We picked up 2 sheets of MDF (which thankfully fit in the van...whew!) so I can make some end tables with my dad this week. Yes - we sill soon be grown adults with actual bedside tables instead of the odd shelf/thingy I picked up off a friend in university for my dorm room and J's charming side table made of cheap metal stacking cubes. A little paint when I get back and viola!

I am much less stiff today (thankfully) and came in for spin and sculpt class. With it being a long weekend the gym was blissfully quiet. Class was mostly core work and ab work for the sculpt and I feel fantastic today. It helped work some kinks out.

Tonight J and I have tickets to see The Importance of Being Ernest at the local theatre...and at midnight there is a one night showing of Iron Sky at the art theatre (hee hee...nazi robots and spaceships on the moon invading earth! Cheezy! Awesome!), so we'll swing by that too if we are still awake. Might even see if we can get out for supper first to a nice mexican restaurant we've wanted to try for a while now. They don't take reservations so we'll see how it goes... whatever happens it's gonna be a fun long night. Jay and I have had a busy week and really want to just spend an evening together.

Tomorrow morning we head up to see my Dad for some relaxing and turkeying. He's invited 10 people over for Thanksgiving dinner on sunday who don't have families around, so I'll be making turkey and stuffing for a herd of people. They're bringing salads or pie...should be relaxing and delish! I'm relaxing just thinking about it :) I'll be away from internet and work stress for a while. I can't wait!

Have a fantastic weekend guys :)


azusmom said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a fantastic time!
(P.S., "Earnest" is one of my favorite plays.)

Yum Yucky said...

I hope your turkeying was epic. You ate some pie(s), right?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Happy belated thanksgiving!

And I envy your ability to make Indian food; I've never been able to get the dishes to taste very authentic; probably because I'm too cheap to buy the right spices!