the one where i finally got some sleep

It's been a bit chaotic around here...I'm in the doghouse after possibly damaging our van by ignoring a warning light. I didn't heed of my most stupid moments in life...Then I forgot to tell J about it... And when I remembered and learned what the light meant I took a few days to work up the nerve to fess up. Just a bad idea and behavior and I am not proud. Not one bit.
Last 2 days I haven't come in to work out. Yesterday due to complete stressed out lack of sleep. Today, due to catching up on aforementioned total lack of sleep. Last night was supper, 2 hour nap, 1 hour work then bedtime for 8 more hours. Although I still have many things left to deal with, I feel human again after some sleep. Sleep is good.
Tonight I have to go vote in our city election, the head home to some chores and painting. I hope to have time to bang out a bodyrock workout before bed. J has to cover the election all night so I may workout while watching his handsome face on the telly. Then...more sleep and intense grovelling...
*kermit hands*


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Hmmm. I guessed I missed that part before, knowing about J being on the telly. Now I suddenly want to demand that my cable company give me Canadian programming.

I hope the car stuff blows over really fast. As in, "it's history, in the past, moving along now...."