I went to the woods...

Spent last night gathering camping gear and making some birthday cookies for my friend Bunjee, who's birthday is the reason for this last weekend campout of the season. Many old friends are getting together for a campout weekend. I managed to only eat a few cookies as I baked. It's my Mum's old chocolate chip recipe and I rarely make them because they are insanely delicious and I eat them all. Bunjee and his wife love them, so it seemed a low key gift to bring along.
I also gathered up stuff for another potluck on saturday at another friend's house with more good people I haven't seen in ages. Yes, only one night camping and the other at a second gathering (busy weekend!!) I baked a pie with apples from my friend's tree and prepped stuff to make guacamole on saturday. It should be a whirlwind fun filled exhausted weekend and I can't wait. It's been over 2 years of sending J off to these things while I stay home and work. Now I can come too. :)

I had lots to gather this morning so I didn't have time to get up and go in to workout at the gym, but I still got up and banged out a tough one of Sean's leg and booty Bodyrock workout before getting ready for the weekend and packing up the gear for J to load up.
Twice through reps of the following (50sec work/10 sec rest):
-ninja tuck jump + 5 high knees
-2 dive bomber pushups + drunk chicken jumpjack
-4 planked knee to opposite elbow crunches, 2 side alligator crunches and 2 front crunches
-2 pop-up pushups + 5 squat jumps
-Bent rows with dumbells
-4 sumo squats (both sides) and 4 scissor jump lunges (both sides)
Wish I'd had time for a third round through. I'm still back to knee pushups for a lot of them, but I'll get back there. It felt good to push myself and get in a workout though. I have to remind myself that it's consistency that's the key.

Now it's off to a short workday and then off to the woods and wonderful people.
Hope you all have a good weekend. :)

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Yum Yucky said...

I'm assuming you have safely returned from the woods? And totally wondering just how delicious that apple pie was. I love me some pie.