Well, I am registered for bellydance classes. Hooray! Basic class every monday at 6.
So excited. :) I figured I'd ease my way back into it all and just have fun with it. I can do more advanced stuff after christmas if I feel the urge...I have this strong aversion to over committing myself to anything at the moment. Plus lessons are $150 so it's not like I can just sign up for a whole bunch of them at the moment thanks to the  recent car repairs. (unless there's a rich bellydancing scientific philanthropist out there who'd like to help me out? Hmmmm?)
Yesterday was attack of the PMS and try-not-to-eat-everything-in-sight. Tried hard. Kept it reasonable, but man...endless hunger. I tried to distract myself by starting on a manuscript from my thesis, but in the end I just went on the Internet and then read a bit of a book before going to bed. I really wanted to get some work done on the paper to get it out of the way, but I just don't want to do anything right now. I will though. Honest. NO really.

This morning was spin and sculpt class again. The classes are all jumbled up this week. Next week the new schedule starts and I will try and stick to it. Spin and sculpt will be monday and friday with spin on tuesday and thursday and sculpt on wednesday. Seems reasonable. If I can make as many as I can (maximum 20 people in the class and you can't sign up in advance), the ones that are full will be me improvising with ZWOWS or something similar. I want to throw in a bodyrock interval workout on the weekend too...we'll see. It's like I'm yo-yo-ing at the moment and fighting any sort of hard committed work as backlash against school. I have to keep reminding myself: Just because I'm done school doesn't give me free reign to turn into a big ol' puddle of jello. I have to fake it until I get the fire in me again. It will come. I know it will. Some days it's there. Others...well, it's somewhere :)
There's just a whole lot of adjusting for me to do. It really is weirder than I thought. People warned me about the whole post-thesis ennui and I thought they were joking. It's not bad...just, well, weird...:)

I leave you with this little song by (don't be afraid) William Shatner and Lemon Jelly. I love Lemon Jelly, and even they can work with Mr. Cheeseball himself to make a little happy song. It makes me smile.

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