rainy lazy weekend

It poured rain yesterday all day. I had my last day of indulgence and got it thoroughly out of my system. Lately I've been off the wagon health wise and this weekend I tried to get it out of my system with a few indulgences here and there. There was red ale and potato chips. Pancakes. Scones. Pizza. (I know I know. I'm not proud...) I'm sure I am a good 8-10 Lb heavier overall from my uberbest back in April, and I've lost some muscle, but now that the thesis is pretty much submitted and I get to sleep like a normal human again (hooray!) as of this morning I am jumping back into it all. I wanted a last few days of relaxing nibbling hurrahs to get it out of my system. I made homemade focaccia and pesto pasta yesterday...and altho it was nummy I was reminded why I don't eat pasta much anymore. After a huge plate of pasta and bread i was still starving. That is messed up. I am that way with carbs. I need a mix of protein and veg based carbs or I just want to keep eating and never feel full. It's weird.

I also started up some IPA and 3 gallons of blueberry wine (mushing 8Lb of blueberries is hard!!) this weekend and spent a whole weekend with no thesis. It was weird. Very weird. Today I get the official sign off on all the committee comments I received back (Which were few and well directed...I did good :)  ) and send my thesis to the external reviewer tomorrow. Then I wait until my defence the last weekend of august and prep for my speech and defence. I am finding it very hard ot accept mentally that yes indeed...I will finish! Sure I'm not done yet, but things are really winding down. For realz. Wowzers. It's why I ended up making wine on saturday...because I wasn't sure how to relax. I've wanted to start up some wine for ages and blueberries were on sale...and well, just because I could. Here's hoping it turns out.

Me hee.

This morning I got up at 5:30 (ergh) for the first time in ages and came in to the gym. I joined the sculpt class and although it wasn't a really tough workout, it was for me. Overall, good toning and a good start back after all my slackitude. A protein shake and some yogurt and granola for breaky and I'm off for the day. avacado and veggie supersalad for lunch. Oh yes...I'm back baby! It's a full day of managerial stuffs today and I'm feeling soooo very ready for it.


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Yum Yucky said...

Sometimes a little bit of slackitude is good for the soul. You went there. And now you're back. Welcome baaack!