Blue language ahead

Came in for spin class today.
I am woefully out of shape. I barely survived and was dripping sweat.

I'm glad i came in tho - needed it.

Today is a stressor of a day.
While I am happy to say that of a few minutes ago my thesis is officially submitted to the university (YAY), I also just learned that my defense date which was just officially set for Aug 27 ("no really honest for real at this time for certain" they said) is now back in limbo again because the NEW committee member added to replace the old one who retired and can't come is unavailable on that day. So it will be on another day. But the external can only be on that day. So it will be...Sometime. Hopefully when the external can come. Or they have to find another external reviewer. You know, just pick a national expert out of the air who happens to be free in the next 3 weeks to read and critique a whole 100 page thesis. No biggie.



Noone else has had to put up with this fucking gong show with their defense. Why am I so special? I just want to defend and be done. I'm finished. I did my part, other than my oral defense, I am done.

It had better bloody well be by the end of august or I will scream bloody murder and write a letter to the university. I can't bloody well plan my life when I don't know when my defense will be. I worked my ass off ot the edge of sanity to meet my rediculous deadlines so I could defend in time.
I will NOT pay for another semester of school AND graduate in June instead of October for no damn reason.

ARGH. I'm so sick of this bullshit.
Ironically, I just toasted the end of all this bullshit with J last night. I just told my whole family when I'd defend and when I'd graduate.

I should have known better...


azusmom said...

No apologies needed: this is completely insane! And maybe you should write a letter, anyway, letting the University know what is going on.


Crabby McSlacker said...

How frustrating!!

Hope that frustration-energy turns into awesome workout fuel. Or you get to beat the crap out of somebody for a good reason, that works too.

Oops, seem to have lost my zen...

Hope it all falls into place quickly!