over so soon?

This weekend was nice. I got caught up on a lot of chores in and out of the house and still managed to relax thoroughly. I hit up the farmer's market, had some lovely local wine, and got to hang out with a few friends I have not seen in months. Add to that a good meeting with my supervisor to plan out my thesis defense speech and I must say - go me. I spent the weekend eating oven roasted balsamic veggies and fish and it was yummy. I didn't work out in the traditional sense but I did do about 8 solid hours of yard work as well as the same of house cleaning and the like. I had a plan for a run on sunday but it was obscenely hot and muggy. So muggy that I had trouble sleeping last night, even with the AC on...*that* kind of yucky weather. Bleh.
J got home late and by the time he unloaded his gear it was midnight and I didn't really solidly get to sleep until 1ish. So needless to say I did not get up at 5 to workout. I will tomorrow. I missed J but I filled my weekend up and he was back before I knew it.
Hope your weekend was a good one. :)

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