Ah. Last night was fun. To celebrate the remastered blue ray release of the first season of Star Trek:TNG they showed a few remastered episodes at the local theatre. J and I went and felt like teenage geeks. It was fun :) I wasn't the only girl there! And apparently they're playing Wrath of Kahn next monday. I'm in :)

Again with the pasta hunger tho. I made some tortellini for supper after work and was sorely tempted by popcorn at the theatre even tho we'd just eaten, but thankfully J reminded me of my pasta frenzy so I declined...then the show started and I forgot. Ah my lovely carb muddled brain... :)
J has been a good supporter in my trying to get back to regular exercise. This AM as we lay snuggly I was sorely tempted to stay in bed instead of getting up to workout, and he encouraged me to go because he knew I'd feel better after. And he was right. I did...spin class was good this morning with much sweating and panting and now I'm in for work and ready to go. Much managery work this week. Trying to keep my brain focused and get work done, although this evening I'm hoping J and I can finally go and see Brave in the theatre. We'll see. Right now it's a real mental adjustment to having more time. I'm trying to find balance...working out without the craziness. Healthy breakfast and good lunch. It will come. :)

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Yum Yucky said...

you guys are lucky. I wanted to see that same Trek screening over here, but things just didn't work out. Was gonna go by myself because hubs ain't into that (gasp!). I am still happy being forced into solo Trekkie-ness, but 'tis good that you are J and can share that geekdom together.