Oldie but a goodie

This morning my knee (grrr) was a bit stiff after the high tension biking in spin and sculpt yesterday, so I didn't go for a spin class again (I'm learning!). Instead I made up a decent workout for today, and left out the muscle groups worked hard yesterday for a good overall 1 hour work out. Included the physio exercises to restrengthen my knee. It was kind of a mishmash of my old workouts oh so long ago...only with lower weights...it's amazing how quickly you lose strength when you take time off.

3 sets of:
13 standing back rows - 10 Lb dumbells
13 shoulder press-10 Lb dumbells
13 T raises to the side - 8 Lb dumbells
13 chest flys-10 Lb dumbells
15 one legged deadlifts (each side) -10Lb dumbells
12 leg extensions (40Lb)

2 sets on the hip flexor machine, with 90Lb on it of:
15 leg presses out to the side
20 thigh presses inwards

Then, 20 walking lunges with ab twists - 10 Lb dumbell
20 one legged bulgarian squats  (each side)- no extra weight.

Then - 25 minutes on the elliptical plus my abfest (minus the bicycle crunches). A nice stretch and I'm in for work...Whew!!

Glad it's friday...last night went to see a friend play at the pub and then snuck out as soon as his set was done and came home to bed. How dull :) I  needed the sleep though.
This weekend I plan to work on my speech, bottle my IPA and rack my wine.
Anything else is bonus :)

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