Not long enough

Nice weekend away that was.
We returned to the mother of all heat waves. And it's HUMID. On the prairies we don't get that much...blech. We're wired for dry heat and this 39 degrees C with the humidex? Well, lets just say I'm glad I have's simply too hot for words right now. Last night was salad for supper...couldn't think of anything else...

While camping it was this hot one day...and we just hid under our shade tarp and drank beer. The nights were nice though.

The weekend away was lovely but far too short. I got to see many old friends and relax a lot. I have become most jiggly indeed and have decided that next week is back to major workouts again. This week I'm getting my schedule back to normal and cleaning up my food act...and soon will be back to it. I'm very VERY lacking in shape at the moment...and this heat is NOT helping. It's my one week reprieve with no thesis work before i get my review comments back to incorporate as I am relaxing and just trying not to melt.

I must be off. Much work to catch up on.
HAve a great day in the shade :)

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